• Engera UK works alongside Engera to improve women's and children's health in the Gurage zone and selected areas in Oromia, Ethiopia.

  • Engera UK is a small UK registered charity. It works in partnership with Engera and Engera USA and aims to improve the lives of people in Ethiopia. We support local communities in the areas of health and education.

    We work closely with the local population to provide basic health services such as medical treatment, immunisations, and health education. We also focus on providing education and training opportunities for young people so they can reach their potential.

    Our community-driven initiatives are making a lasting difference in the lives of people in Ethiopia. Through the efforts of our skilled local staff and dedicated medical volunteers, we are building a better future for communities in Gurage and Oromia.

  • Engera UK is the sister organisation of Engera and Engera USA. Together we support and manage seven health facilities that provides healthcare to more than 143,000 people in the Gurage Zone and parts of the Oromia region of Ethiopia.


    Our vision is healthy communities in the Gurage Zone and parts of Oromia where we work, and access to quality health care for all who need it.


    Engera UK improves the health of women and children in the Gurage Zone and parts of the Oromia region of Ethiopia by working with the community to promote health and prevent and treat disease.



    Maternal and child health is our core focus, but our work extends far beyond those areas. We support the local Ethiopian staff across various rural health structures, providing the only reliable healthcare in the remote areas we operate.


    We invest in long-term sustainability by training nurses, midwives and other professionals during the Engera missions and by subsidising continuing education for local staff.


    We work to restore and expand the health facilities that already exist in the villages of this region, and we invest in new facilities that support better healthcare, for example, the construction of wells for the supply of clean water.


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